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Deoxys' Profile

The DNA Pokémon

~Name: Deoxys (Deokishisu, デオキシス)
~Pokédex Number: 386
~Type: Psychic
~Height: 5′07″ (1.7m)
~Weight: 134.0 lbs. (60.8kg)
~Ability: Pressure (An attacker depletes twice as much PP as usual.)
~Nature: Quirky
~PokéDex Data: An alien virus that fell to earth on a meteor underwent a DNA mutation to become this Pokémon. When it changes form, an aurora appears. The crystalline organ on this Pokémon's chest appears to be its brain.

~Known Attacks: Counter, Psycho Boost, Recover, Zap Cannon, Agility, Cosmic Power, Swift, Superpower, Snatch, Psychic, Spikes, Teleport.

~Personality: Deoxys is incredibly easy going. He is overly friendly, sometimes displaying no acknowledgment of 'personal space'. If such a word applied to him, you could say he pansexual- he loves everyone indiscriminately. He will hit on everyone, but nothing rarely comes of it. He doesn't seem bothered that his flirting never gets results- he is just happy to spread the love he has for everyone.
In his human form, Deoxys displays all the mannerisms of a gay, camp man. He loves clothes and make up and being fabulous. He enjoys giving people makeovers and gossiping about fashion with the girls. In his Pokémon form, Deoxys still enjoys being the fabulous space virus, but he seems more focused and less of a ditz.
In truth, Deoxys is very insecure about his origins- he is not one of Arceus' creations, like his friends and peers. Perhaps his campy demeanor is his way of overcompensating for his inner uncertainty.

~Likes: Being fabulous, rainbows, sparkles, his fabulous boots, pretty things, being pretty, helping other people be pretty, being able to change forme when he pleases, living on earth, beautiful sunrises, almost everyone he meets.

~Dislikes: Being dirty, bad clothes, rainy days, being reminded that he is an 'artificial' Pokémon, those who reject his advances, people hurting his friends.



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